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Meteor Mail

In the future, intergalactic mail delivery has taken on a novel form: the mail is packed into spheres and blasted into the void by giant cannons. Networks of gravity generators adjust the paths of the mail spheres and guide them to their destinations. In your role as gravity technician, you must plan out new routes between the mail cannons and space stations, navigating your way around asteroid fields, black holes, space pirates, and other hazards of deep space.

Watch the trailer here: Youtube

The PC and Mac versions are available at Desura and Indievania

The PC version is also available at IndieCity

  • 56 levels to navigate your way through.
  • Use the Mail Cam to watch the mail sphere soar around the obstacles in its way.
  • Open-ended levels offer dozens of ways to solve them.
  • Do you like efficiency or complex and lengthy paths? Stats are tracked for both styles.
  • Share your favorite solutions with your friends.